English at Biarritz also engages to teach French as a foreign language to English speakers. We teach French to new comers to the Pays Basque.

We offer French language private tuition for adults, teenagers and children of all levels. We offer intensive French classes to children and teenagers to facilitate their integration into the French school system. 

English at Biarritz helps students discover the heart of French culture whilst living right amongst it. Language teaching goes hand in hand with our commitment to cultural understanding and development. Our language classes reflect our cultural understanding in that we believe learning a language should be as important as immersing in its culture. Learn about French culture your way: through language classes, shopping, excursions in the Basque country etc.

In our teaching we cover the core basics of communication. Private tuition allows the tutor to focus on the immediate needs of the student whilst improving listening and speaking skills, expanding vocabulary and developing confidence. Our verbal and literacy-based studies are as important as cultural immersion activities therefore we encourage students to immerse themselves in the French culture, such as interacting with locals and diving straight into the lifestyle.


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Classes (1 hour)Young PeopleAdults
Classes for Individuals20€30€

Please note that classes at your home will be a minimum of 90 minutes.
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